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NBA Draft Rumors: Pistons Zeroing In On Tristan Thompson?

In the days leading up to the NBA Draft, there are always a number of reports suggesting certain players' stock is rising and other players' stock is dropping. One player who is seeing his stock rise based on various reports is Texas forward Tristan Thompson.'s Ken Berger reported on Wednesday that the Detroit Pistons "have zeroed in" on Thompson following a workout with the team. Thompson apparently canceled other workouts following the one he had with the Pistons, seemingly indicating that he may have picked up a guarantee before leaving the workout with Detroit.

Of course, we heard the same thing about Kawhi Leonard a day earlier. He supposedly had a good workout with the Pistons and suddenly started cancelling other workouts. Obviously both players aren't going to be taken by the Pistons, so something doesn't quite add up.

Chances are this is just a product of all the NBA Draft rumors that are swirling. After all, some rumors suggest that Thompson could be taken by the Cavaliers with the fourth overall pick, meaning the Pistons wouldn't even have a shot at drafting him. It seems unlikely that Thompson will go that high, but then again, you never know what information will turn out to be legitimate until the picks are actually made on Thursday night.