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NBA Trade Rumors: Rockets Want To Do Deal With Pistons?

If the player they want isn't available, the Detroit Pistons could look to move down in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft. What a deal to move down would entail was previously unclear, but's Ken Berger reports that the Houston Rockets could be a potential trading partner since they have a pair of first-round picks.

The Rockets currently have the 14th and 23rd overall picks. Based on Berger's report, Houston may try to package them in order to secure the eighth overall selection from the Pistons. The Rockets want to move up in order to take a big man, and the Pistons have already reportedly made it known they're willing to listen to offers to move down.

If the Pistons were to do this deal, they could still end up getting a top-10 caliber player with the 14th overall pick. They would then have an additional first-round pick to fill another need. Already they have two second-round picks, so perhaps after making a trade with Houston the maneuvering wouldn't even be done just yet.

Rumors aside, one thing we know is that the trades made on Thursday night will be quite interesting to watch.