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NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons Throwing Wrench In Plans For Cavaliers, Bobcats?

According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Bobcats are talking about a deal that could potentially involve Tristan Thompson, Jonas Valanciunas and the 19th overall pick. Basically, the Cavaliers would like to acquire a third first-round pick, but they also want Valanciunas. The Bobcats, which have two first-rounders, want Tristan Thompson, but they are thinking the Pistons will take him if he is still available. Since the Bobcats pick ninth overall, one spot behind Detroit, that is a problem.

If this deal happened, the Cavaliers would select Thompson with the fourth overall pick with the intention of later dealing him to Charlotte for Valanciunas and the 19th overall pick. Once again the Pistons could pose a potential problem for the Bobcats, though.

Wojnarowski says that Joe Dumars has been given the OK to take Valanciunas by Tom Gores. Dumars needed permission because Valanciunas isn't likely going to join the NBA this year. Based on permission being granted, it's possible Detroit could take Valanciunas, who would be needed to complete the Cavs-Bobcats deal.

With rumors swirling that the Spurs could trade up to the seventh pick to take Valanciunas before Detroit can, any possible trade between the Cavs and Bobcats seems unlikely if it's based on picking players and later trading them. With so much movement in the top 10 expected, the risk may be too high for Cleveland if they truly want to end up with Valanciunas, as it sounds like Detroit or another team would be willing to take him.