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NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons, Jazz Talked Possible Deal

As first reported by The Salt Lake Tribune's Brian T. Smith, the Detroit Pistons got a call from the Utah Jazz about a trade that would have allowed Utah to move up from the 12th pick to the eighth overall selection. Talks fizzled out after the two sides were unable to "make much progress," according to ESPN's Chad Ford.

Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reports that had a deal been completed, the Pistons would have received the 12th overall pick and a future first-round selection. All the Pistons would have had to give up is four spots for the future first-rounder, but the talks didn't go anywhere.

As for which player the Jazz wanted to move up for, rumors originally suggested it was Jimmer Fredette. However, Wojnarowski says the Jazz actually were hoping to move up to get Brandon Knight to go along with Enes Kanter. The Jazz have the third overall pick, so the ability to get a package of Kanter and Knight was intriguing enough to give the Pistons a call about the No. 8 pick.

It's highly unlikely Knight will fall all the way to No. 12, but perhaps he could serve as trade bait for the Pistons if he makes it to the eighth pick.