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2011 NBA Draft Results: Central Division Picks, Trades

The 2011 NBA Draft is in the books. Thursday night was quite eventful, especially for the NBA's Central Division. Headlined by the Cleveland Cavaliers, which had two top-five picks, Central Division teams made quite a few interesting selections. Below is a look at each team's picks and draft-day deals.

Chicago Bulls

No. 28: PG Norris Cole (Cleveland State) *Rights traded to Minnesota and later Miami*

No. 30: SF Jimmy Butler (Marquette)

No. 43: PG Malcolm Lee (UCLA) *Rights traded to Minnesota*

Bulls receive rights to the 23rd pick, Nikola Mirotic

Cleveland Cavaliers

No. 1: PG Kyrie Irving (Duke)

No. 4: PF Tristan Thompson (Texas)

No. 32: PF Justin Harper (Richmond) *Rights traded to Orlando*

Cavaliers receive two future second-round picks

No. 54: PF Milan Macvan (Serbia)

Detroit Pistons

No. 8: PG Brandon Knight (Kentucky)

No. 33: SF Kyle Singler (Duke)

No. 52: PF Vernon Macklin (Florida)

Indiana Pacers

No. 15: SF Kawhi Leonard (San Diego State) *Rights traded to San Antonio*

No. 42: SF Davis Bertans (Latvia) *Rights traded to San Antonio*

Pacers receive George Hill from Spurs and also give up rights to 2005 pick Erazem Lorbek

Milwaukee Bucks

No. 10: PG Jimmer Fredette (BYU) *Rights traded to Sacramento*

Bucks receive Stephen Jackson, Beno Udrih, Shaun Livingston and rights to the 19th pick, Tobias Harris

No. 40: PF Jon Leuer (Wisconsin)