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Video: Tom Gores Introduced As Pistons Owner

On Thursday afternoon, Tom Gores, the new owner of the Detroit Pistons, was officially introduced at The Palace. Gores thanked Karen Davidson and Ethan Davidson, introduced himself and what he's all about and then answered questions from members of the media and blogosphere.

Via The Detroit News and Detroit Bad Boys, you can check out video of the entire introduction event below.

The search for a new owner of the Pistons began a year ago, and only this week did the keys to the empire officially get handed over to Gores. Now a new era of the Pistons is set to begin. The franchise can finally move forward and start making moves to build for the future. Gores will get together with Joe Dumars to make plans involving the coaching staff, offseason moves and the 2011 NBA Draft. Time is of the essence with this sale taking so long to be completed, but Gores and company seem ready to make things happen with the Pistons going forward.