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Pistons Coaching Candidates Include Kelvin Sampson, Bill Laimbeer, Mike Woodson & Lawrence Frank

The Detroit Pistons coaching search is slowly but surely progressing, even without Isiah Thomas, as the front office has received permission to interview assistants from other NBA teams as head coaching candidates.

Joe Dumars has received permission to interview Kelvin Sampson of the Milwaukee Bucks, former Piston Bill Laimbeer of the Minnesota Timberwolves and current Boston Celtics assistant Lawrence Frankaccording to Adrian Wojnarowski. The Pistons have also made contact with former Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Woodson.

The Pistons haven't narrowed that list down much as Sampson, Woodson and Frank are the early frontrunners for the job, according to Wojnarowski.

Detroit Bad Boys' Matt Watson brings up a good question: are these the only candidates the Pistons plan to interview?

I'm curious just how many candidates Dumars will interview before making a decision -- and more specifically, if this group of names are the only candidates being seriously considered. As much as I'd like to see San Antonio Spurs assistant Mike Budenholzer develop into Gregg Popovich 2.0 for the Pistons, I'm surprised someone like Mavs assistant Dwane Casey hasn't been mentioned more prominently. 

Only time will tell, I guess, but Watson's right in saying Budenholzer and Casey both at least deserve consideration.