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Pistons Coaching Search Down To Mike Woodson, Lawrence Frank?

Although the NBA is now in lockout mode, the Detroit Pistons still have some business to take care of. They fired head coach John Kuester at the beginning of June and have yet to hire a replacement. Many interviews have taken place, but there haven't been many new developments on the Pistons coaching search front in the last few weeks.

One piece of news that did come out this week suggests a decision on the Pistons' next coach could be made soon. ESPN's Marc Stein reported on Thursday that the team has essentially narrowed its list of candidates down to former Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Woodson and current Boston Celtics assistant Lawrence Frank.

Stein's report suggests that the reason this search has taken so long is because there is a divide over if Woodson or Frank should be hired. Woodson's past history with the team (he was an assistant during the 2003-04 season) and his familiarity with Joe Dumars has seemingly made him the favorite, but Tom Gores and his advisers apparently like Frank.

Obviously at some point Dumars and the ownership will have to get on the same page and just hire somebody. With the lockout not likely ending anytime soon I suppose there's no need to rush the decision, but it would be nice if the Pistons at least decided on who will be leading the team going forward.