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Pistons Schedule 2012: 2 Home Games Give Struggling Pistons A Chance At A Win

The struggling Pistons have two moderately tough games this weekend, but both are at home.

It's a busy weekend all over the NBA, with Friday/Saturday back to backs prevalent. The Detroit Pistons didn't escape that particular trend and are one of the teams that are worse off from it. After three games already during the week, all of which ended in losses, the Pistons will need to find some spark at the Palace with two home games against Memphis and Portland on the docket.

Games earlier in the week against Golden State, Houston and Minnesota all ended in failure for Detroit, and the Memphis Grizzlies are probably not going to be what the doctor ordered. Fresh off a win against the New Orleans Hornets, the Grizz have won four straight games to push their record over .500 to 7-6.

Saturday brings the Portland Trailblazers to town, another middling team at 8-6 but another team with a record far better than Detroit's. It looks like the Blazers will be missing center Marcus Camby, which could be a problem for Portland.

With the Pistons currently at 3-12 with only a single win over the Bobcats in their last 10 games, they really just need something to happen to give the team a little spark.

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