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NBA Power Rankings 2012: Detroit Pistons In The Basement At 26th

The Detroit Pistons are not having a very good season, I don't think that's particularly surprising to anyone. They did finally get a rare win when they beat the Portland Trail Blazers at home but Tom Ziller was not impressed in the most recent SBnation Power Rankings. He has the Pistons down in the power ranking basement at 26th overall, ahead of only Sacramento, Washington, Charlotte and Toronto. But hey, not last, right?

26. Detroit Pistons 4-13 W: POR; L: HOU, MIN, MEM Detroit Bad Boys

The Pistons are one of five serious contenders for the league's worst record; stunning home wins over the Blazers are not going to get the job done, Rodney Stuckey.

The Pistons have plenty of chances to win this week with four games on the schedule, so they should have ample opportunity to climb a bit out of the hole they've put themselves into.

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