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Pistons Vs. Thunder Score Update: Oklahoma City Having Their Way With Detroit Through First Half, 60-33

Just when you think the Pistons winning a quality game might turn things around, they hit the road and start laying gassers like they have in Oklahoma City on Monday night. Through 24 minutes, they trail the Thunder 60-33.

The Pistons scored all of 12 points in the first quarter and if it weren't for eight points in the final three minutes of the second quarter they'd inevitably be looking at scoring a franchise low in this one.

Down 27 isn't even all that bad when you consider it could very well be 35-40 already. The Pistons shot 27-percent and allowed the Thunder to shoot an easy 59-percent.

Greg Monroe struggled mightily in the first half, shooting just 1-for-10 (four points and five rebounds). Good news? Austin Daye made his first three-pointer of the season.

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