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Pistons Vs. 76ers Score Update: Detroit Down 42-31 At Half

The Pistons are coming off two quality games against top-notch teams, but had to travel late last night to Philadelphia for the back-end of a back-to-back against the first place 76ers, so it's not surprising that they're not playing very well.

They are currently on pace to score their lowest point total in franchise history, down by 11 at the half, 42-31. Detroit's outrebounding the Sixers, but are hitting on only 33-percent of their shots and have eight turnovers to Philly's four.

Brandon Knight, after 20 points and eight assists last night, is just 1-for-9 shooting and has three turnovers. Greg Monroe has eight points and six rebounds, but is 4-for-11 shooting.

Lou Williams leads the Sixers with 11 points at the break.

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