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Pistons Schedule 2012: Detroit Meets New Jersey Yet Again During Weekend

Whatever schedule maker decided that it would be funny to have the Detroit Pistons play the New Jersey Nets three times in nine days probably didn't know that it would be the Pistons with the advantage going into round three of it. The Pistons knocked off New Jersey in their last game for their third win in a row and second road win of the year. The Pistons are now on a certified roll, so with the next Jersey game coming in Detroit at The Palace, the Nets might want to watch out.

The Nets did get some good news recently when they found out that Deron Williams will be a 2012 all star, but past that it's been doom and gloom the last week or so for the 8-19 Nets.

Sunday the Pistons get to see some new faces when they face the Washington Wizards, who are doing even worse than the Pistons this season. There's been no three game winning streaks for the 5-21 Wizards who continue to seem like John Wall and friends more than an actual basketball team.

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