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Pistons Vs. Nets: Detroit Looks For Four Wins In A Row

The Detroit Pistons won the road tie against New Jersey this week, and Friday night they go back home to the Palace to face the Nets once again while they seek four wins in a row.

The Detroit Pistons and New Jersey Nets are two teams that probably aren't going to sniff much playoff basketball this season, so they can probably consider the three game series that they've played over the last nine days the closest thing either one of them will come to it. The second game of their home and home after a Nets win last Wednesday will come Friday night, with the Pistons having taken the win from the road side.

After such a torrid start to the season, Detroit's three game winning streak is a breath of fresh air. Guys like Greg Monroe -- 20 points, 12 rebounds in the last Pistons vs. Nets affair -- are finally starting to step up for Detroit and they have only their second road win of the season to show for it, a win that snapped a seven game road skid going back to a win against the Charlotte Bobcats in early January. Monroe is unsurprisingly on a streak of four games with a double double, coincinding quite nicely with the winning streak that the Pistons have put together in that time.

Detroit currently boasts nine straight home wins against New Jersey, so it's prime time for the Pistons to extend their winning streak to four.

New Jersey did get some good news in their otherwise forgettable season when young star Deron Williams was named to the All Star game. Williams was the clear star against the Pistons in the first game of the home and home set, putting in 34 points.

The game will be at The Palace of Auburn Hills at 7:30 PM ET.

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