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VIDEO: Greg Monroe Trolls John Wall, Ruins Dunk Attempt

Like with the All-Star Game, defense was strictly optional in the NBA Rising Stars Challenge on Friday night, as evidenced by the 146-133 final score. (Team Shaq was defeated by Team Charles Barkley.) This didn't stop Detroit Pistons center Greg Monroe from playing some "defense" as time was running out, though. Washington Wizards point guard John Wall tried to set himself up for a dunk by lobbing the ball in the air, but Monroe wasn't having any of it and stole the ball. He proceeded to send it down the court to set up a teammate for an easy dunk of his own. Take a look:

Here is Monroe's troll moment in animated form:


To equate this to a real-life situation, @CRM_Stephen came up with a perfect analogy to describe what Monroe did to Wall:

Troll on, Greg. Troll on.

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