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Pistons Schedule 2012: Detroit Head Home For Two Weekend Games

The Detroit Pistons continue to muddle in waves of futility week in and week out, but will have a chance to finally notch a couple more wins when they face two middling teams on the weekend in a back to back with both games at home.

Friday brings a familiar team to town, the Milwaukee Bucks. The Pistons played the Bucks back at the beginning of the week on Monday, losing 103-82 on the road. The Bucks are middling right now at 10-11 but have a big win over the Miami Heat on their record thanks to Brandon Jennings and of course remember the win against Detroit from only a few days ago to keep them going.

Saturday the Pistons get to stay home and take on a New Orleans Hornets team doing just about as well (read: not well) as Detroit are. At 4-19 the Hornets are only a loss away from Detroit's 4-20 record and are still clearly missing Chris Paul as much as any team can possibly miss a player. If there's a game that the Pistons have a chance to get to five wins with in the near future, it's this one.

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