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Charlie Villanueva Injury Update: Return Isn't Imminent For Pistons Forward

Charlie Villanueva is out for a few more weeks with an ankle injury, according to the latest update from the Detroit Pistons medical staff.

Charlie Villanueva has played a total of six minutes for the Detroit Pistons this season as he's dealt with suspension and injury issues. Unfortunately, it sounds like he'll be out for at least another few weeks as the doctors have decided the exact injury.

The Pistons released a press release on Friday with medical terms essentially saying that it's an ankle injury that requires Villanueva to keep his ankle still.

Following repeated imaging studies as well as multiple consultations from foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons, it has been determined that Charlie Villanueva's right ankle soreness can be attributed to a resolving posterior tibial tenosynovitis with small talotibal spurs.

A few weeks of partial ankle immobilization have been recommended in an attempt to alleviate the soreness and discomfort.

Hopefully he recovers sooner rather than later, though it's unclear what took so long to diagnose the injury as such.

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