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Pistons Schedule 2012: Detroit Faces New Jersey Twice In One Week

The Detroit Pistons face the New Jersey Nets twice in a week after already meeting them the week before.

The Detroit Pistons have seemingly had busy weeks every single week since December of 2011. They've been going through five game gauntlets at times, so they've deserved a week off, especially with the season they've been having so far. Even with a two game winning streak, at 6-20 there's not many teams in the NBA having a year quite as bad as Detroit have had so far. To add injury to insult, players have been dropping left and right for the Pistons.

The schedule makers were kind to the Pistons this week, giving them only two games to play. Wednesday brings the first contest, a match against the New Jersey Nets only a week after they last met, with Jersey taking a 99-96 win. With plenty of rest and a two game winning streak on their heels, this might be the best chance in a while for the Pistons to finally get a second win on the road in 2012 -- their only other road win was back in early January when they beat the hapless Charlotte Bobcats.

They'll see New Jersey again on Friday, followed by the Washington Wizards on Sunday.

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