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NBA Power Rankings 2012: Pistons Rank 27th

The Detroit Pistons have won back-to-back games for the second time this season, after defeating the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday at home and then topping the New Orleans Hornets at home on Saturday at home. And they have a chance to make it three in a row when they play the New Jersey Nets on Wednesday.

Still, the Pistons rank 27th in the latest edition of NBA Power Rankings at SB Nation.

27. Detroit Pistons 6-20 W: MIL, NO; L: MIL, NY, NJ Detroit Bad Boys
Greg Monroe looks like a sure thing, but Brandon Knight isn't there yet despite a nice trial by fire this season. Detroit desperately needs a few more high draft picks that pay out.

Detroit, after all, is just 1-12 on the road, and they have still scored 100 points only once all season.

And while rookie Brandon Knight has usually been a bright spot, he broke his nose in the game on Saturday, and was fitted for a mask that he'll wear on Wednesday against the Nets. You can check out Detroit Bad Boys for a picture of the mask.

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