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Pistons Vs. Nets: Detroit Takes On New Jersey For The First Of Two Games This Week

The Pistons will take on the Nets again in Detroit later this week, but first they have to concentrate on trying to get their second road win of the year in New Jersey.

The Detroit Pistons and New Jersey Nets are going to be very well acquainted by the time this week is over. After playing them seven days prior, the Pistons begin a home and home with New Jersey on Wednesday night. The Nets defeated the Pistons the last time the two teams played, the last win on NJ's schedule. Meanwhile the Pistons are fresh off two straight home wins against the Milwaukee Bucks and New Orleans Hornets to push them up to six wins.

Detroit have only won a single road game all season, an affair against the similarly hapless Charlotte Bobcats, and have looked awful almost every other road tangle. Going against a weaker team like the 8-18 Nets might just be their best chance in a while to snag a second road win and push their winning streak up to three games.

Both the Pistons and Nets are missing a handful of players, though Brandon Knight is expected to be back with a fancy new mask on for the Pistons after breaking his nose against the Hornets. The two teams will have their highest performing players in Deron Williams for the Nets and Greg Monroe for the Pistons. The two teams will play again almost immediately, meeting again on Friday after Wednesday's showdown.

The game will be at the Prudential Center at 7:30 PM ET.

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