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NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons Reportedly Turning Down Offers For Austin Daye

If you're a fan of the sound of crickets chirping, you can inquire into the solid links between the Detroit Pistons and potential trades with other teams as the NBA trade deadline approaches. There's been no solid links thus far, with the closest thing being a loose tie with the Los Angeles Lakers and Will Bynum, but nothing remotely productive came of that. Then again, what can be described as productive?

Providing we're just speaking in terms of any trade talks at all, it appears there have been some previously unreported. According to Vincent Goodwill on Twitter, the Pistons have had multiple offers for Austin Daye, some of which have come from Western Conference teams. The Pistons have apparently turned down those offers.

It's no secret that Daye is somewhat unhappy, though he's not at the level of demanding a trade or anything of that nature. He just wants to play, something he hasn't got much an opportunity to do since being drafted in 2010. There was a lot of turmoil in the organization in 2010, and then the lockout limited his development. Still, he isn't being used much, but it's clear that the Pistons believe he has value if they're declining offers.

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