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Pistons Vs. Nuggets Score Update: Detroit Down Just 5 At Half After Giving Up 40 In First Quarter

The Detroit Pistons are playing without Rodney Stuckey on Wednesday night and it appeared to be a major problem in the first quarter. Denver went off on the Pistons for 40 points and took a 22-point lead into the second behind 84-percent shooting. Despite leading by as many as 24 points, the Pistons are down just five at the half, 62-57.

In the second quarter, Stuckey's replacement went off himself. Ben Gordon scored 21 of his game-high 27 points, including 5-for-5 from beyond the arc to help bring the Pistons all the way back to within five five. Will Bynum, who hasn't played since February 28, added 10 points off the bench.

Detroit is shooting 52-percent and has seven extra freebies to keep them in this game.

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