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Pistons Schedule 2012: Detroit Finishes Out March With Three Road Games

The Detroit Pistons have four games this week to close out March: three against some of their fellow teams in the basement of the NBA and one against what might be the best team in the league.

It's pretty much been a lost season for the Detroit Pistons right from the get go during the lockout-shortened 2012 year, though they're doing pretty well when it comes to keeping themselves in the bottom teams of the league. A good draft pick to add to the intriguing roster that features Greg Monroe, Rodney Stuckey and others could help start the Pistons on the road to contention.

March is coming to a close for the Pistons with four more games this week, three of which will be on the road. The difficulty of the games is a bit up and down as the Pistons will face three of the worst teams in the NBA and, on the other end of the spectrum, the best team in the NBA.

Monday will see the Pistons meet the Washington Wizards, freshly equipped with Nene thanks to a trade with the Nuggets at the deadline, in Washington. 11-37 Washington have had plenty of problems this season with blown leads galore and sporadic bouts of awful basketball seemingly every night.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are next on Wednesday for the Pistons, again on the road. At 17-29, the Cavs have been on the cusp of contention all season long thanks to heroics from rookies Kyrie Irving and Tristian Thompson, but there hasn't been much support from the rest of the squad and they were forced to make a couple deadline moves including shipping Ramon Sessions off to the Lakers for a draft pick.

Friday will be the toughest test all week for the Pistons as they head over to Chicago to meet the Bulls. They've only lost two games all season at United Center, so that one isn't the ideal end to that short road trip. Saturday the Pistons will come back home to face one of the league's worst teams, the Charlotte Bobcats.

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