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Pistons Vs. Wizards Score Update: Washington Leads 35-30 At Half

In an epic battle between teams bullying for lottery position in this summer's NBA draft, the Pistons are in D.C. for their second of a current four-game road trip against the Washington Wizards. Both teams played the first half like you'd expect two teams with a combined 27 wins to play -- sloppy bad -- but the Wizards have a slight edge, 35-30.

The Pistons turned the ball over 13 times and shot 30-percent in the first 24 minutes. Fortunately, they're playing the Wizards and the Wizards did not shoot much better at 36-percent, including a donut on three-point tries (0-for-9). The Wizards have a 24-12 advantage in the paint and have not allowed a basket to Greg Monroe, who is 0-for-1 with four turnovers.

Jordan Crawford leads all scorers with 12 points. Tayshaun Prince leads the Pistons with 10 points.

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