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Pistons Schedule 2012: Detroit Stays Home For Three Games This Week

The Detroit Pistons only have three games this week, all at home, against the LA Lakers, Atlanta Hawks and Toronto Raptors.

The one good thing about having so many games in January and February is that now the Detroit Pistons will face fewer games as the season goes along. They only have three games this week, all at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Though their playoff hopes faded quite a while ago, their post-January resurgence means that they can at least attempt to push for a low seeded spot if they can keep putting together tiny winning streaks.

Tuesday is the only weekday game for the Pistons this week as they welcome the Los Angeles Lakers to town. The Lakers have retaken the Pacific division from their cross town rivals the Clippers thanks to a three game winning streak even though the Clippers have a better winning percentage overall. If you haven't heard, that Kobe Bryant guy is still pretty good, and he's still leading the Lakers to plenty of wins.

The Pistons will play two more games during a weekend back to back, against the Atlanta Hawks on Friday and the Toronto Raptors on Saturday.

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