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Pistons Vs. Wizards Score Update: Detroit Up 11 At Half, 51-40

On Thursday night, the Pistons are playing the Washington Wizards for the second time in 10 days after beating them on a last second shot by Rodney Stuckey in the first match up. Rodney Stuckey has been relegated to the bench due to a hamstring injury, but the Pistons are not having any problems with the Wizards through the first half, leading by 11, 51-40.

The Pistons are shooting 53-percent and have gotten to the line 24 times. Greg Monroe has a game-high 13 points and six rebounds. Tayshaun Prince has added 10 and Ben Gordon has nine.

The Wizards are without Nene, who played a strong game against the Pistons 10 days ago. John Wall is leading the Wiz with 11 points and five assists.

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