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Pistons Vs. Wizards Final Score: Detroit Wins Third Straight, 99-94

The Detroit Pistons won their third straight on Thursday night, beating the Washington Wizards for the second time in 10 days, 99-94.

The Pistons busted open a 20-point lead with a little over nine minutes left in the fourth quarter, but the Wizards hung around and even tried to chip away by extending the game and fouling Ben Wallace before the two minute mark (when you're no longer allowed to intentionally foul without picking up a technical). But Wallace hit five of six free throw attempts and the Pistons were able to stave off the now 12-43 Wizards.

Greg Monroe had 15 points and seven rebounds in only 20 minutes. Rodney Stuckey had 15 off the bench in just 18 minutes.

The Pistons play next on Friday in Atlanta.

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