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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Detroit Takes Jared Sullinger In Latest SB Nation Mock

The Detroit Pistons take Ohio State F Jared Sullinger in the latest SB Nation NBA Mock Draft.

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The NBA Draft Lottery won't be held until the very end of May but regardless, it's already mock draft season for the teams that are in that lottery. The new SB Nation 2012 NBA Mock Draft has the Detroit Pistons going with some forward power, selecting Ohio State's Jared Sullinger with the tentative ninth overall selection.

Rolls Royce Frontcourt I. Sullinger and Greg Monroe would be unstoppable, like Al Jefferson and Kevin Love (uh) or Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee (uhh) or LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden (uhhhhhhhhhh).

That's a bit of a low blow with the Greg Oden comment there, hopefully Sullinger doesn't share the same sort of career arc as his Ohio State brethren did. The strong frontcourt it would create with Greg Monroe would be a formidable one to face for opposing teams.

Depending on how the balls roll on May 30, this pick could change drastically. As always, it's a wait and see sort of thing.

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