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Pistons Draft Rumors: Could Draymond Green Slip To Detroit In Second Round?

More and more draft analysts are projecting Michigan State forward Draymond Green as a late first-round pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. Nevertheless, this year features a deep group of prospects which means some players capable of going in the opening round of the draft could slide into the second, including Draymond Green.

Keith Langlois at says not to rule out that possibility. After all, it was a bit of surprise when Kyle Singler fell to them in the second round of last year's draft.

[NBA teams] all take Tom Izzo, whose opinion is highly respected across the league, at his word when he sings Green's praises, yet there is a measure of doubt over what NBA position Green will be able to handle.

The Pistons likely know Green as thoroughly as they've ever understood a prospective draft choice. At the Chicago draft combine earlier this month, Green spoke of the value of his relationship with Joe Dumars, whose son Jordan and Green's paths crossed on the AAU circuit.

In the most recent NBA Mock Draft from Tom Ziller at SB Nation, Green was projected as the Indiana Pacers' pick at No. 26. It looks like Green has done more than enough to secure his first-round status, but with potential trades and other plot twists at the draft, anything could happen.

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