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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Andre Drummond To Pistons At No. 9, Projects Draft Express

With the 2012 NBA Draft coming up on Thursday night, teams are starting to narrow in on the guys they hope to add to their system. In addition, fans are looking for any and all projections to see what kind of pick their team may be bringing in.

In the most recent mock draft published by, the site has the Detroit Pistons selecting Andre Drummond from the University of Connecticut with the No. 9 overall selection. A seven-foot, 279 pound, 18-year old, Drummond is a large man who averaged 10 points, 2.7 blocks, 7.6 rebounds and 28.4 minutes per game last season over the course of 34 games played at UConn.

While Drummond is certainly a strong candidate to be selected in the first half of the draft, it's important to note that several reports from early this week are strongly hinting that the Pistons are interested in selecting North Carolina's John Henson with the No. 9 pick.

However, with the draft only a few days away, anything and everything could change in a moment's notice.

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