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NBA Draft 2012: With Pistons Picking 9th, Look At 20 Years Of No. 9's

On Thursday wrapped up its four-part series on the recent history of players taken at No. 9 in the NBA Draft.

The impetus for the series, of course, is that the Detroit Pistons will draft No. 9 in Thursday's NBA Draft. And as with most any spot in the Top 10, a look back shows there is plenty of boom, and plenty of bust.

Part I of the series ran from 1992-97, culminating with eventual two-time scoring champion and potential Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady. Part II, 1998-2001, includes studs like Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn Marion, but also Rodney White, who the Pistons took -- regrettably -- in 2001.

Part III, which spanned 2002-06, was highlighted by Amare Stoudemire, the No. 9 overall selection in 2002 and future Rookie of the Year, and low-lighted by Patrick O'Bryant, who landed in the D-League before playing abroad in Greece, China and Puerto Rico.

Which brings us to Part IV. Jaokim Noah, the No. 9 pick in 2007, has had the best career to date, but it's probably too soon to tell with some of the other players -- Gordon Hayward in 2010 and Kemba Walker in 2011.

At any rate, the series shows that for all the upside available at No. 9, there is still plenty of risk for the Pistons.

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