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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Pistons To Take John Henson, According To Chad Ford

The Detroit Pistons will take North Carolina power forward John Henson with the No. 9 pick in Thursday's NBA Draft, according to's Chad Ford (Insider).

The Pistons recently went to New York for an Andre Drummond workout, but Ford doesn't think Drummond, who played one year at UConn, will slide to No. 9.

According to Ford:

The Pistons, who desperately need size in the middle, are holding their breath that Drummond slides this far. If the Kings don't take him at No. 5, he just might. They like John Henson, too. They need length, athleticism and shot-blocking -- Henson provides all three. predicts that Drummond will indeed slip to No. 9.

Ford goes on to list five more players on the Pistons' "Big Board," all of whom are big men.

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