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NBA Draft 2012 Grades: Pistons Get Low Grade From CBS After Andre Drummond Selection

The Detroit Pistons made three selections in the NBA draft, but the only one that is getting much discussion seems to be No. 9 pick Andre Drummond out of UConn. It was expected that Drummond would bring controversy and argument with him wherever he was drafted -- some analysts think he'll shine in the NBA because of his superb upside, some think he'll bust hard because of the flaws in his game.

With that in mind, whatever an analyst thinks of Drummond is going to highly impact their grade for the Pistons. Matt Moore of CBS apparently isn't on the Drummond bandwagon, because in his draft grades he gave the Pistons a D+ for their draft. He cites Detroit's need for a 'sure thing' with the high pick after such a dismal season, along with the risk inherent in a pick like Drummond:

Andre Drummond (9): He's so talented, so physically gifted, but Joe Dumars needed more of a sure thing. Drummond is a nice kid -- too nice. He doesn't play with much intensity, hasn't developed any low-post moves and has a mediocre basketball IQ. I hate to kill this pick because, again, Drummond is a high-character kid. But this was a major risk, even at number nine.

Andre's a hard prospect to predict, and love him or hate him we're going to have to wait a couple of years before we see if he can blossom into the NBA star the Pistons are hoping for.

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