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NBA Draft 2012: Pistons' Andre Drummond Pick Brings Skeptics Out

Andre Drummond was almost a guaranteed lottery pick in this season's NBA Draft, but it was assumed that no matter where he went, there would be argument about his being selected. He's the prototypical '"high upside" guy, with all the tools and talent in the world but seemingly no ability to utilize them as well as you'd think.

When the Detroit Pistons went after him with their ninth overall selection in the draft, Pistons fans were immediately split on the young UConn prospect. Pistons blog Detroit Bad Boys knows exactly why, and they have the stats to back up why so many skeptics are out regarding Drummond:

Much like the Gordon-Maggette swap, Pistons fans are polarized. Many - if not most - are intrigued by his rare combination of strength, height, athleticism, and youth and envision him as the perfect pairing for Greg Monroe.

Others are more skeptical, not because they (okay, we) doubt any of those things. Drummond is undeniably a physical specimen, and you can't coach up the things he's naturally gifted with. We are skeptical because he hasn't yet shown that he is able to turn that wealth of talent into production on the basketball court.

It's the risk you always take with a prospect like Drummond. If he pans out, the Pistons will look like geniuses. If not, the analysts and skeptics will all just shake their heads and say 'told you so'.

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