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NBA Draft Grades 2012: Detroit Pistons' Picks Have A Fan

The dust has all settled on the 2012 NBA Draft. In the wake of Thursday night's event, analysts have been rating, ranking and grading each team's selections. The Detroit Piston, who selected Andre Drummond with the first of three picks in the draft, drew solid marks from Andrew Sharp of SB Nation.

Selected C Andre Drummond No. 9, SF Khris Middleton No. 39, SG Kim English No. 44

Here was Sharp's take on the Pistons' draft class:

This was the ideal scenario for the Pistons. They were supposed to be in a weird spot at nine, in between about 20 different role players, but without any clear solution at center. Then Drummond fell past the Warriors and they got a chance at the last potential All-Star available AND a potential solution at center.

Drummond is raw, and who knows whether he'll ever be half as dominating as his physical tools suggest. That's what makes this pick a little tough to grade. But even if he never becomes Dwight Howard, he's still a huge presence who will rebound and block shots as well as anyone in the league. Give it time, and he should fit in perfectly next to Greg Monroe. I don't know much about Middleton, but adding English's shooting midway through the second round was icing on the cake. GRADE: B+

As with all draft grades, they could look very different in the years ahead.

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