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NBA Free Agency: Pistons Reportedly To Sign Ukranian Big Man Slava Kravtsov

The Detroit Pistons went with a big guy in the NBA draft just as predicted when they selected Andre Drummond out of UCONN. Unfortunately, Drummond is widely considered not ready to play in the NBA quite yet because of his immense abilities but very raw use of them on the court.

To make up for that, it looks like the Pistons will be picking up some foreign talent in Ukranian big man Vyacheslav 'Slava' Kravtsov. writer Keith Langlois broke the story on Twitter on Monday morning that Kravtsov was planning to sign with Detroit:

The 24 year old 6'11'' center was considered a possible NBA draft pick back in 2009 -- though he went unpicked -- and will likely be the first big guy off the bench for the Pistons in 2012/2013 as they get Drummond ready for prime time. He could also be the big, defensive partner for Greg Monroe that the team has reportedly been looking for in the off season.

Keith had confirmation straight from the Pistons shortly after:

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