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Red Wings' Kris Draper May Require Hernia Surgery

Detroit Red Wings center Kris Draper missed all of training camp and the preseason with an injured groin. The injury has also kept Draper out since the NHL regular season began, and last week, the Wings put him on injured reserve.

After skating on Sunday and Monday, however, Draper still felt something wrong.


“Not good,’’ Draper said. “I just went for a little twirl yesterday, felt all right. Then went at it today and felt pretty good and just tried to explode and take a couple of faster strides. That’s where I really felt it. Got off the ice.’’

According to Draper, the area where he originally sustained the injury now feels fine. But the pain has “crept up higher,” which led team doctors to believe Draper is now suffering from a sports hernia.

As a result, Draper will visit Dr. William Meyers of Philadelphia for a consultation. Meyers has worked with several other NHL players, including Tomas Holmstrom and Darren McCarty. He also operated on Draper in 2007, when he previously suffered a sports hernia injury on his right side. This injury is on Draper’s left.

Recovery and rehabilitation from sports hernia surgery typically takes approximately eight weeks. Though recovery time depends on the condition of the athlete. And Draper is presumably in good shape.