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Nicklas Lidstrom Ranks 3rd In NHL All-Star Voting

With the change to the way the All-Star teams are selected for the NHL this season, voting is no longer divided up by conference, but rather by position. The players voted in will eventually be selected to teams by captains, but right now the voting pool is league wide with the different positions helping separate things a bit.


Currently, Red Wings defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom has the third-most votes of all players for the 2011 NHL All-Star Game. Lidstrom is second in the defensemen category, behind Chicago's Duncan Keith. Lidstrom has a total of 80,723 votes. Keith has a slight advantage, holding 82,968 votes. The overall leader is Sidney Crosby by a wide margin, as he has 118,755 votes.


Detroit's Pavel Datsyuk is seventh, Henrik Zetterberg is 14th and Johan Franzen is 18th in the voting for forwards. Brian Rafalski is 11th for defensemen and Jimmy Howard is seventh in the goaltenders category.