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NHL Standings: Red Wings 1 Point Back Of 1st-Place Blues

We're a little more than a month into the season, and the current NHL standings show just how good the Central Division is. Currently, four out of the five teams in the Central Division have at least 16 points, putting all of them in the top eight of the Western Conference. Last week, all five of the teams in the Central were actually in the top eight of the West.


As of Tuesday morning, the Red Wings are in second place in the Central Division, one point back of the St. Louis Blues and two points ahead of the Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago has actually played four more games than the Red Wings, so Detroit has a solid advantage with having so many games in hand. The Wings have played one more game than St. Louis, which has only lost once in regulation all season and has won seven consecutive games.


If the season were to end today, the Red Wings would have the fourth seed in the Western Conference. They are tied for the second-most wins in the Western Conference with the Blues right now, but because St. Louis is in first in the Central, Detroit is pushed down to the fourth seed. As far as points go, the Wings are third in the Western Conference, one point behind St. Louis and Los Angeles.


The Wings' first meeting of the season with St. Louis is a week from Wednesday. It is part of the Wings' six-game homestand, which features games against the Coyotes (Detroit won in overtime, 3-2), Oilers, Avalanche, Wild, Flames and, as mentioned, Blues.