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Wings' Todd Bertuzzi Among 50 'Dirtiest Players' In Sports History

Todd Bertuzzi will probably never shake the reputation he gained for his vicious on-ice assault of Steve Moore back in 2004.'s recent list of the 50 dirtiest players in sports history won't help the matter.


The Red Wings winger came in No. 12 on the list, just behind former Detroit Pistons "Bad Boy" Bill Laimbeer. The duo headlined several local players to make the cut, which includes video of each player. Bertuzzi is the only player on the list currently playing with a Detroit team.


6. Ulf Samuelsson, Red Wings (1999)
11. Bill Laimbeer, Pistons (1982-1994), head coach Detroit Shock (2003-2009)
12. Todd Bertuzzi, Red Wings (2007, 2009-present)
13. Dennis Rodman, Pistons (1986-1993)
16. Ty Cobb, Tigers (1905-1926)
17. Sean Avery, Red Wings (2001-2003)
27. Rasheed Wallace (2004-2009)

With the exception of Cobb, Rodman and Laimbeer, most of the players on this list gained their dubious reputations when they were with other clubs. Bertuzzi was reviled for his assault on Moore across the league, but he didn't join the Wings until three years after the incident. Wallace was flamboyant well before Portland (and Atlanta briefly) dealt him to Detroit. Samuelsson only played a total of 13 games in a Red Wings sweater and Avery didn't become the NHL's most well known pest until after he left Motown. 


The Detroit Free Press also included Ron Artest and Tonya Harding as having "local ties." Neither are from the area or played for a local team; rather they are known for their involvement in some unscrupulous events in the Motor City. Artest was the main instigator of the 2004 "Malice at the Palace" brawl between the Indiana Pacers and Pistons, while Harding is known for her role in the Nancy Kerrigan attack at the 1994 U.S. National Figure Skating Championships, which were held in Detroit.