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More Than Hockey At Stake For Mike Modano After Wrist Injury

The injury suffered by Red Wings center Mike Modano is one of those rare freak accidents that you never wish upon another person.

Modano severed a tendon in his wrist when he was cut by the errant skate of Columbus forward R.J. Umberger last week, which not only cut the tendon but did nerve damage as well. The doctor who performed the surgery wasn’t just concerned about hockey, but the quality of life for the 40-year-old Livonia native:

For starters, Modano is looking at eight weeks in a cast that immobilizes his arm. Modano said specialist who performed the operation, Dr. Richard Singer, is “very hands-on and is concerned not just about me playing hockey again but about my quality of life.”

Modano will have to complete a radical recovery that requires the complete immobilization of his right arm for the next eight weeks. Modano will have to keep the tendon moving to avoid scar tissue build up, or else they’ll have to start all over again. Modano took a big chance by coming to Detroit this late in his career and obviously doesn’t want to go out like this.

“I’d be devastated if my career ends like this,” he said. “Hopefully I can come back and play. But this has been a real bummer.”

The injury came at the worst possible time for Modano. The team was really starting to get going and Modano was just beginning to adapt to his new teammates. That will all have to wait now.

“It’s unfortunate because he was really taking steps and really starting to fit in and really helping us,” coach Mike Babcock said. “We enjoy having him around. Obviously, we wish him well. We want him to get better in a hurry, but this is going to be a process for him.”

In the meantime, Detroit has plenty of forward depth to compensate. Kris Draper is set to return to the lineup today and Drew Miller and Patrick Eaves have been playing really well despite being in and out of the lineup.