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Johan Franzen Out At Least 3 Games Because Of Charley Horse

Johan Franzen is expected to miss "at least" three games because of his charley horse. The injury, which occurred on a supposedly-dirty hit by Pittsburgh's Brooks Orpik, sidelined Franzen for the remainder of the preseason opener.

The play also prompted Todd Bertuzzi to fight Orpik, which Franzen appreciated.

"I thanked him after," Franzen said.

Bertuzzi said he saw Franzen cutting to the middle, then "saw what happened."

"I'm sure if there's an issue (the NHL) will take care of it," Bertuzzi said. "Your teammates are kind of your brotherhood, and you stick up for each other and stuff like that has to be attended to. I think anyone else would have done the same.

Mike Babcock hopes the NHL fines Orpik. Personally, I'm hoping Orpik receives a suspension.