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Video: Red Wings Play Don't Break The Ice, Chess In New Commercial

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The Detroit Red Wings put together a hilarious commercial back in October that revolved around providing a welcoming environment to opponents -- before the puck drops, that is. The Red Wings now have a new commercial out, and it may be even better than the first one.


This new commercial's theme is that the Red Wings are fierce competitors not only on the ice, but off the ice as well. Proof of this comes in the form of the team cheering on Jimmy Howard and Tomas Holmstrom as they play Don't Break the Ice. More proof comes from Jiri Hudler and Henrik Zetterberg playing a fierce-looking game of chess. The punch line at the end of the commercial is when Zetterberg proclaims, "Check." He has Hudler cornered in the game of chess they're playing, but Hudler, who was born in Czechoslovakia, mistakenly thinks Zetterberg said "Czech." As a result, Hudler leans in and replies, "Sweed." Zetterberg, of course, is from Sweden.