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NHL Power Rankings 2011: Red Wings Continue To Fall

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Two weeks ago, the Red Wings were amongst the Top 5 by all accounts. 'Expert' opinions tend to change when you flirt with your worst losing streak in 20 years, though.

After the Red Wings lost six straight games, they not only dropped out of the Top 5, but also the Top 10 and, in all three of the major power rankings, out of the Top 15 as well.

ESPN has the Red Wings sitting at the No. 19 spot after placing them at No. 17 the week before. They are sandwiched by the Los Angeles Kings and Ottawa Senators, two teams that both dropped all the way from Top 10 spots.

Fox Sports dropped the Wings eight spots to the No. 20 spot despite their current two game winning streak, still harping on that six-game losing streak as the basis for their placement.

The Hockey News was the most generous in their rankings, pinning the Wings at No. 16 after they ended their aforementioned losing streak, which was still a downgrade from the No. 12 spot. The positioning comes with a disclaimer, though, that there will be a better indication of where the Wings stand after their games against the Colorado Avalanche (win), Edmonton Oilers, and Dallas Stars this week. The Wings take on the Oilers Friday night and Stars on Saturday.