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Detroit Red Wings Vs. Edmonton Oilers: Henrik Zetterberg May Be Out Of Lineup

The Detroit Red Wings will play the Edmonton Oilers on Friday night. Henrik Zetterberg is a game-time decision for the Red Wings due to an interesting injury.

The Detroit Red Wings have not got off to the best start in team history as they've compiled a 7-5-1 record through the first 13 games, but there's hope all of that could change Friday night against the red-hot Edmonton Oilers. Unfortunately for those hoping for a reversal of fortunes, however, Henrik Zetterberg is dealing with an odd injury that may keep him out of the lineup.

Zetterberg has scored five points in the Red Wings first 13 games of the season, but the veteran is a game-time decision with what's being termed a "middle-body injury." As Winging It In Motown notes, that's an interesting injury term.

"Middle-Body" Is a completely new phrase in the mysterious lexicon which discusses hockey injuries. Traditionally, a guy has an upper-body injury, a lower-body injury or is dead.  Since the waist has proven to be a pretty good separator for upper and lower body, the system has worked incredibly well.  Unfortunately, when you throw in "middle-body" you completely mess up the mechanics here.  Where do we separate this?  Is this like the strike zone, where the middle body goes from just above the knees all the way up to the nipples, or is this a more oddly-specific central area?

Without Zetterberg, the Oilers face a potentially difficult task -- especially considering Edmonton has won seven of their last nine games. 

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