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Red Wings Vs. Flames Final: Calgary's 4-1 Win Nets Detroit 6th Straight Loss

The season started so promising for the Red Wings, 5-0 and full of energy. But the last six games have been completely inimical.

On Thursday night, the Calgary Flames came into the Joe and handed Detroit its sixth straight loss, with ease, 4-1.

The Red Wings outshot the Flames 29-22, but putting the puck in the back of the net, like they did admirably in the first five games of the season, seems to be a serious problem.

While the lack of scoring is an obvious concern, there are plenty of other question marks that head coach Mike Babcock is going to have to address before getting back on the ice on Saturday vs. the always Mighty Mighty Ducks.

Six straight losses is uncomfortably disconcerting, but there are always "hey, look on the bright side" type tidbits like this that can make a fan like myself feel a little more at ease:

The last time the #Redwings lost six straight, they won the Stanley Cup. #Glasshalffull
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Ugh, "L6" still doesn't look good on the Wings.