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Red Wings Vs. Ducks: Detroit's Six-Game Losing Streak Must End Tonight

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Or it doesn't. But the Red Wings haven't lost seven straight games in 20 years, and there's no "bright side" to that losing streak like there is at six -- the 1990-1991 Red Wings finished the season under .500 with just 76 points. 

If we don't learn from History Channel we are doomed to repeat History Channel.

But repeating History Channel would do the Red Wings well in ending their six-game losing streak tonight. They host the Anaheim (always Mighty) Ducks, who Detroit has won six straight games and 15 of its last 16 home games against.

In order to win games, though, it takes putting the puck in the net (believe it or not). The Red Wings are being outscored 22-6 during their current losing streak, something no one could've predicted after the 5-0 start to the season. 

The Ducks are on their own little losing streak of four games and this is their last stop on a grueling seven-game road trip. 

The Red Wings will have to end the streak without Todd Bertuzzi, though. He is ill and will be replaced by call up Fabian Brunnstrom.