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Mike Babcock Appears On 'Conan' ... Well, Kind Of

Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock isn't known for being the elegant type when it comes to his postgame interviews, and that style of no-nonsense landed him on national TV the other day. Well, sort of.


Babcock appeared in video byte form on TBS' late night talk show "Conan," hosted by none other than Conan O'Brien. Babcock's 15 seconds of fame came during O'Brien's "Local News" bit, in which he and sidekick Andy Richter lampoon local news broadcasts. When the sports segment came up Richter quipped "Your team lost again, and the coach thinks they gotta play better and they gotta work way harder than they did." That cued Babcock's clip where he told the media "We gotta play better and we've gotta work way harder than we have." 


Click here to see the full video and coach-speak goodness. (Note: you have to click on "scene selections" then the second thumbnail that pops up).