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NHL Playoffs 2011: Western Conference Playoff Picture Nearly Set

Unlike the Eastern Conference, which has all four of its first-round NHL playoff matchups decided, things are still up in the air a bit in the Western Conference. For starters, the eighth spot in the playoffs has yet to be determined in the West, with both Chicago and Dallas still in contention for it. What's more, with Chicago only two points back of fifth place (the Blackhawks can't pass the fourth-place Anaheim Ducks), the first-round matchups are also yet to be determined.

Here is a look at the Western Conference standings for teams in the playoffs or in contention for a spot in the playoffs with one day left in the regular season (points are in parentheses):

1. Vancouver Canucks (117)
2. San Jose Sharks (105)
3. Detroit Red Wings (102*)
4. Anaheim Ducks (99)
5. Nashville Predators (99)
6. Phoenix Coyotes (99)
7. Los Angeles Kings (98)
8. Chicago Blackhawks (97*)
9. Dallas Stars (95*)

*One game left

If the Blackhawks lose to the Red Wings in regulation, we won't know the playoff matchups for the Western Conference until after the Stars/Wild game concludes. A Chicago victory or loss in overtime or a shootout would lock up a spot in the playoffs for the Blackhawks.