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NHL Playoffs 2011: Western Conference Playoff Picture Set

The 2011 NHL playoff picture for both the Western Conference and Eastern Conference is now set in stone. The Eastern Conference playoff picture was determined on Saturday night, and the Western Conference's first-round matchups are now in place following the Dallas Stars' 5-3 loss to the Minnesota Wild. The Chicago Blackhawks will make the playoffs as the eighth seed as a result, setting up the following four first-round matchups (point totals in parentheses)

No. 1 Vancouver Canucks (117) vs. No. 8 Chicago Blackhawks (97)

No. 2 San Jose Sharks (105) vs. No. 7 Los Angeles Kings (98)

No. 3 Detroit Red Wings (104) vs. No. 6 Phoenix Coyotes (99)

No. 4 Anaheim Ducks (99) vs. No. 5 Nashville Predators (99)

The West features a rematch of one of last year's first-round series with the Red Wings set to play the Coyotes. It also features a rematch of one of the West semifinal matchups from last year with the Canucks and Blackhawks set to meet.